Wacky Olympics


Are your kids too cool for clowns?  Don't worry - we have a party plan that will blow them away!  (And have all their friends talking!)

We call it our "Wild and Wacky Olympics Party", and it is fun to the max!

Why is this party so much fun?  Well, firstly, we do NOT come dressed as clowns.  On this day we are referees!  That's because your child and his friends are going to NEED a referee for all the things WE'RE going to do!

Second, we will divide all of your child guests into two teams.  Then it's time for the competition to begin!  (always friendly, of course...)

Each team will be tasked to answer age-appropriate trivial pursuit questions, which we devise.  They are on all sorts of current and kid-friendly topics.

Then, once neither team can answer one of the questions, they settle things by going to a physical face down, where they will battle for the win in a game or contest.  There are 5 challenges in all, and they start out fun, but end up not only being fun, but being fun AND MESSY!  (Which the kids LOVE!)

We bring all sorts of things with us to contribute to the "messy-ness" factor - all biodegradable, and many of them tasty!!  As a result, most of these parties take place outside, although we can sometimes accommodate indoor space also.

We can tell you even more details over the phone, but suffice it to say, at this party the kids always have the time of their lives!

So for a super fun time that you and your friends will never forget, give us a call today to schedule YOUR wild and crazy party!


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